How to Access your Selling Site

The Investment Dominator was designed to let you be as effective as possible when investing in real estate. As part of that aim, you app has been integrated with three websites:

  • A buying website
  • A selling website
  • A landing (squeeze) page

Here is how you can access your selling website.

After logging in your Investment Dominator app, click on the “My Site” button, and a dropdown box will show the three integrated websites.


Click on the third button, “Selling Site”, and you will be taken to your public selling site.


The content of your selling website is pulled directly from your property records that are in “Complete/Ready to Sell” status. That means that if you want to customize the content of the selling website, you will need to log into the Investment Dominator and edit the information of the property listing.

For more information, read these articles about uploading images and files, updating images, and adding an interactive map to property listings.







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