How to Update the Images on your Property Listing (for Land Investing)

The Investment Dominator is integrated with a selling website and can pull information directly from your property records to prepare attractive online listings.


But what if you want to update the images on your property listing? It’s not as hard as you might think.

After logging into your Investment Dominator app and clicking on the ‘Land’ tab, find the property record that corresponds to the listing you want to change.

Because the listings are created from the information in the property record, if you want to change the listing, then you need to change the record.

Makes sense, right?

Click on the ‘Edit’ button.


Then scroll down to the ‘Attached Photos’ section. All images marked ‘Public’ will be displayed on the site. Simply uncheck the ‘Public’ box to make the image disappear from the listing.

And if you want to add new images, click on ‘Locate File’ and, once the image has been uploaded to the contact record, mark it as ‘Public’ and it will display on the property listing.



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