2017-06-28 Live Training Call


On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to process offer requests properly
  • How to prevent or reduce duplicate records
  • How to look up a record by Contact ID (Letter Ref #)
  • How to collect information from the owner (what to ask)
  • How to identify the owners that request offers
  • Introduction to the Reports section
  • What happens if owners request an offer through your Buying site form

We also opened the call up for Q&As and answered questions about…

  • What labels do we use when making an offer (Reference this article)
  • How to embed a YouTube video into your website
  • How to replace or remove your signature file
  • How to access the replays of our live training calls
  • How to reset your login
  • What are the first steps as a new user (Reference this replay)
  • How to get to the user guide
  • How to contact support
  • How to use letterprinting.net (Reference this article)
  • Requirements of importing a list
  • How to disable the Optin page and what is it used for
  • How are the Owner and Property ids created
  • What is Skip Tracing and how do you process returned mail
  • Is Excel required to use the Investment Dominator (Reference sample Upwork.com post)
  • What is your buyer’s list
  • I don’t have an optin page, where did it go



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