When I Generate my Mailings, Why Does the Investment Dominator URL Appear At the Bottom of the Page?

The “Generate Documents” option will take letter templates loaded into the system (either by default or ones that you have created) and merge in information from your contact records.

To make it easier for potential sellers to contact you, the system will also include the domain of your selling site on the marketing pieces.

If you would like to change the website that appears on direct mail pieces, you can purchase a domain from a domain provider like GoDaddy (normally about $10) and then have that domain point to your Investment Dominator buying website (here’s an article explaining how to change your domain).

Then, log out of the Investment Dominator and log in again, this time using the website http://www.YourDomain.com/my

Now, when you generate pieces of direct mail, your custom domain will appear on the bottom of the page!

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