SMS Marketing and TCR Compliance

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What is TCR Compliance?

TCR compliance, short for Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance Regulations, governs how businesses can engage in SMS marketing. Any business that sends out SMS notifications or messages to customers should comply with TCR legal requirements to avoid fines or lawsuits. This includes obtaining proper consent from recipients before sending marketing messages as well as providing clear opt-out options and refraining from sending messages to numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. By adhering to TCR compliance, small business owners can maintain trust with their customers while avoiding potential legal issues.

Who Needs To Comply?

Anytime you engage in SMS marketing and collect phone numbers via your website for that purpose, you’ll need specific pages and disclaimers added to your website that ensure compliance with regulations. These include:

  • A privacy policy page outlining the detailed terms and conditions of your SMS marketing strategy.
  • An SMS consent disclaimer at the point where visitors opt-in to your system.

These pages and disclaimers help establish transparency and trust with your audience while also mitigating legal risks associated with SMS marketing.

Currently, the Investment Dominator does not include these disclaimers or pages by default; however, you can add these using our customization options if you are engaging in SMS marketing of any kind.

How To Add a Privacy Policy Page To Your Website

Follow the steps outlined in this user guide article that walks you through the steps on how to create a Custom Page to post your Privacy Policy on and then how to link that Custom Page to your website footer.

How To Add A Consent Disclaimer To Your Opt-In Forms

Currently, the Investment Dominator is set up for Direct Mail campaigns by default and not so much for SMS Marketing, therefore to add an SMS Marketing disclaimer to your Buying or Selling website you will need a custom theme. Custom themes allow you to fully control how your website displays including the ability to add any special disclaimers or text you like. We’ve made it easy for you, by providing a sample custom theme that includes SMS Marketing Disclaimers on the opt-in form of your Buying Site.

Click the button below to download this sample custom Buying Site Theme:

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