Planned Roadmap: Where We're Headed

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Below is a list of planned updates for the Investment Dominator (not in any particular order).

NOTE: We do push out urgent updates as needed, however in general the items listed below are what we are currently developing and planning to release.

  • NEW: iOS/ Android App
  • UPDATE: Campaigns
  • UPDATE: Built-In Sales Contract Templates
  • NEW: Marketing Contact Pipeline (Contact Stages, Statuses, Types)
  • NEW: Marketing> Import>From Data Service Options (Neighbor’s Campaign Data)
  • NEW: Custom Campaigns
  • NEW: Custom Webhooks
  • NEW: eSignature Integration
  • NEW: Note (Loans/ Lease Purchase) Custom Documents
  • NEW: Custom Envelope/Label Generator
  • NEW: SMS Campaign Message Templates¬†
  • UPDATE: Import Data Wizard
  • NEW: Public Plugin and Theme Marketplace
  • NEW: Owner Financing Property Listing Element
  • NEW: Loan Amortization Tables
  • UPDATE: Aerial and Property Boundaries (Lot Lines) Mapping Layer Options
  • NEW: Borrower Portal
  • NEW: Custom Website Icons
  • NEW: SSL Generation for Subdomains
  • UPDATE: GET/POST API Call for Property Notes
  • NEW: Image Markup Tools For Marketing
  • NEW: Export Property Notes Option
  • NEW: Message and Alert Management
  • NEW: Add Note (Owner Financing) record type via API
  • NEW: Selling Site Banner/ Map Option
  • NEW: Custom Fields
  • NEW: No Code Custom Theme Editor

We’re Inspired by you!

We focus on developing tools that simplify, scale, and streamline your real estate investment business. To contribute to our public Idea Board, please submit a feature request under your system’s Admin Console under the ‘Help> Feature Request‘ section.

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