How to Get Your Land Prospects Scored by and Get Betty Scores


IMPORTANT: You must have an ACTIVE paid account with in order for the ‘Get Betty Score’ action to work. Please see the How to Operate Integrated with Investment Dominator: A Step-by-Step Guide User Guide article to get started with and set up the integration with Investment Dominator.

Once you have completed the Integration process, you’re now ready to get Betty Scores for your land records.

NOTE: The minimum number of records you can send to for a Betty Score is 500.

How To Get Betty Scores For Your Land Records:

1.) Navigate to the ‘Land‘ section in Investment Dominator to access your records.

2.) Select the records that you would like to submit to ReWorked AI to get scored.

3.) Click the ‘Actions‘ menu and select ‘Get Betty Score‘ from the dropdown:

A summary of what you are about to submit to will display, click the ‘Yes – Continue‘ button to proceed with the request:

4.) Once submitted, the records will receive a Betty Score from within a few hours. You can check on the status of the update under the ‘Land> Import> Updates‘ table:

This score will be included in the land record under the ‘Property Information‘ section:

You can also add the ‘Betty Score’ column under the Customize settings of your land table:

If you have any questions about’s pricing and services, you can find out more here.

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