Phone Validation is Now Required


With the launch of our REIPrintmail Integration, we have had to make a few adjustments to the Investment Dominator System. For example, under the Company Phone number fields previously you were able to configure a company phone formatting like this:

1-(555)-555-5555 Ext. 1

With our recent system update, you are required to enter only a valid 10-digit phone number plus country code if this applies to you.

Here is an example of correct formatting:


Any additional text appended to the number like an extension number will not be accepted.

Please double check to ensure your phone numbers are correct as or you may see number formatting like this if entered with additional text information:

If you need to convey a phone extension we recommend using the ‘Company Notes‘ section or the ‘Letter P.S. Line’. You can also create a custom document that includes information about how to navigate your phone menu.

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