How to Update your Records After a Mailing (for House Investing)

One of the most useful parts of the Investment Dominator CRM is being able to know which status each of your contact records is in. This will help you to avoid wasting time and money by accidentally mailing to the same people twice and will make sure that you don’t overlook any leads.

But to take advantage of this function, you have to update your records after you take action – for example, after sending them a piece of mail.

Does that sound tedious, going through hundreds (or thousands) of records, updating them one by one?

If so, then have we got some good news for you: the Investment Dominator allows you to bulk update all the records in a certain status after a mailing.

Here’s how you do it…

After logging into your Investment Dominator app, click on “House Deals”. For this example, let’s say that you want to send the Neutral Letter to all contacts in the “Prospect” status.

Click on the button that says “Generate Documents”


Once inside the “Generate Documents” section, you have the opportunity to download the letters and envelopes you will use for your mailing.

NOTE: Be sure that you have generated the mailing pieces you need BEFORE updating the contact record, as you will be unable to do so after updating the status (well, technically you can, but it will be a big gigantic headache to do so for more than a few records).

Once you are ready to move all the records in the “Prospect” status to the next stage (“Mailed Letter 1”), click on “Bulk Update Records”.

NOTE: You may see several “Bulk Update Records” buttons, each one affecting records in different statuses. Be sure that you click on the correct one.


A window will pop up, asking you to confirm the change that you are about it make.


Click “Move These Records to the Next Status”, and the system will update your contact records for you.



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