How To Delete A User From The Investment Dominator CRM System

Are you looking to remove a user from your Investment Dominator CRM system? Whether it’s due to personnel changes or any other reason, you can easily remove a user and their access to your CRM by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Access the Teams Section

Login to your Investment Dominator Admin Console and navigate to the ‘Team‘ section:

Step 2: Select the User to Remove and Delete

From the Teams page, you will see a list of users who have access to your CRM system. Locate the user that you would like to remove from the list and click the ‘Delete‘ option to the right of the user’s record.

Step 3: Confirm Deletion

After clicking the ‘Delete‘ option, a confirmation prompt will appear on your screen to ensure that you indeed want to proceed with the removal. It will ask, “Are you sure you want to delete this user?”. Simply click the ‘OK‘ option to confirm the action and remove the user from your CRM system. Once you have confirmed the action a success message will appear to let you know that you have successfully deleted the user from your system.

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