Campaigns: How to Generate your Neutral Letters (for Land Investing)

The Investment Dominator is designed to keep your contact records organized by statuses. So in order to generate the correct letter, you will want to make sure that your contact record is in the correct status. For example, to send the “Neutral Letter” to potential sellers, make sure that the contacts you want to mail to are in the “Prospect” status.

To generate the letters you will need for your mailing, just click on the link that says “Campaigns“.

Once in the “Campaigns” section, you will see a drop down option where you can select to generate documents for:

Local Printer 
ITI Direct 
REI Printmail 

From selecting the option that is best for you,  A range of documents needed in either a .doc (Microsoft Word), .csv CSV file, or PDF format. You can either print the letters out yourself or send the files to a mailing house for fulfillment.


After generating the letters, click on “Bulk Update Records” to move the records to the “Mailed Letter 1” status, indicating that you have sent them the Neutral Letter.


Keeping your records in the right status will ensure that you send only one neutral letter to them.



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