How to Generate your Envelopes (for Land Investing)

After you have generated your letters (for mailing to land sellers), you will want to prepare a professional-looking envelope. While handwriting is certainly an option, you probably don’t have that kind of time or- let’s face it – penmanship.

But never fear, the Investment Dominator has a built-in feature that generates envelopes for you, correctly merging in owner information and even including the corresponding contact ID number (both to make sure that the right letter goes in the right envelope AND to make it easier to locate records when sellers call you back).

So how do you go about generating envelopes?

First, make sure that the contacts that you want to generate envelopes for are in the correct stage (“Prospect”). Then click on the “Generate Documents” button.


Once inside the documents section, you will the option to “Download Envelopes”, either in a Word Document or PDF format.


From there, it’s just a matter of opening the document and clicking “Print”, making sure the settings on your printer are correct.

Way easier than handwritten, right?



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