How to Do Comparable Property Research (for House Investing)

Real estate investing is like any other kind of investing – you need to buy low and sell high. So the key to successful real estate investing is not only about the price you sell a property for; you also need to make sure that you buy the property at the right price.

The Investment Dominator has made it easyfor investors to research houses, finding out their true market value and making your offers accordingly.

Here’s how you can use these tools.

After logging into your Investment Dominator app and clicking on “House Deals”, have a look at your contact records. Make sure that the property you want to research is in the “Pending Preliminary Research” status, and then click on the “Edit” button on that record.


Once inside the contact record, you will want to enter in some information about the property’s location – in particular the state and zip code.


And then click on “Update Record”.


After you have filled in this information, something cool happens – you will see some new buttons appear on the menu inside the contact record. These buttons will link you to websites where you can can find the value of similar recently sold properties in the area:


Recently sold properties are the best way to find out the market value of a property – in other words, what people are actually willing to pay for a property like the one you are looking at.

Average up the numbers given by the different sources, and you should have a reasonably accurate market value, and then you can use that number to make your offer.

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