How To Bulk Update (Adjust) Offers/Options Amounts and Dates Using Our 'Update Field Values' Action


Did you know you can use our ‘Update Field Value‘ Action to quickly update or adjust Offer/Option Amounts, Offer/Option Acceptance, and Offer/Option Expiration Dates quickly with just a few clicks? This time-saving action makes it easy for you to adjust your offers and options between campaigns or right in the beginning, for example, to set initial offer amounts for a Blind Offer campaign.

This article walks you through how to update Offer Amounts of Land records in your system in bulk for multiple records using this powerful time-saving tool:

Step 1

Navigate to the ‘Land‘ or ‘ House‘ section.

Step 2

Select a few records by clicking the checkbox located to the left of the records that you would like to update the values for.

NOTE: You can also select records by first running an Advanced Search and then clicking the ‘Select All‘ option at the top left of the record table.

Step 3

Once you have selected the records you would like to update click the ‘Actions‘ menu located at the top of the page then select the ‘Update Field Values‘ option.

The ‘Update Field Values‘ dialog will appear and from there you can select what field you would like to update. Currently, we allow you to bulk update the following fields:

  • Status
  • Offer Amount
  • Option Amount
  • Offer Accept By
  • Option Accept By
  • Offers Expire On
  • Option Expires On

For this example, we will select the ‘Offer Amount‘ field:

Click the ‘Next‘ button to continue.

Step 4

Based on what you select in the previous step you will be prompted to select how you want the system to update the field and what value you would like to update to. In this example where we selected to update the ‘Offer Amount’ field, the system will prompt you to select whether you would like to update the field in the following manner:

For this example we will select ‘Fixed’ and under the ‘Enter NEW Offer Amount’ field enter in the price that you which to update all selected records to.

NOTE: Setting a value of $10,000 means for each of the 3 properties selected in this example the system will update the ‘Offer Request Amount’ to $10,000

Click the ‘Update Fields‘ option to update your records. The dialog box will close out and to view your changes refresh your ‘Land‘ table.

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