How to Avoid Creating Duplicate Records

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid creating duplicate contacts – which can lead to double mailings, confusion, and missed opportunities.

Whenever a new list is uploaded to the Investment Dominator, the system will automatically check the imported contacts against existing records. So even if you have a new list for an area that you previously mailed to, you can be confident that no duplicate records will be created.

So how are duplicate records created? In one of two ways:

  1. When the seller enters their information through your website
  2. When a contact record is manually added by you or by a member of your team

Here is how you can address these potential problems:

1) If a seller prefers to visit your website instead of emailing you or calling in, make sure they enter in their reference number. This is the Owner ID that is printed on both the letter and the envelope. If they enter in the reference number, the system will update their existing record instead of creating a new one.


2) Before manually creating a new Owner Record, make sure that you or your team member first¬†use the Investment Dominator’s search function to locate the seller’s record. You can search by Last Name, Owner ID, or any other field that you see in the drop-down menu.


In the rare case that you can’t locate their record, go ahead and create a new record, but add the word TEMP in their name. Then once the call has ended, find the original record and update it before deleting the TEMP record.

Follow these suggestions and you will keep your list of contact records organized and profitable.

If you find duplicate records in your system please select the duplicate records and Merge them into one unique record.

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