Delete Bulk or Individual Records


Before deleting records, ensure you have the necessary permissions configured in your user settings. This guide will walk you through the steps to set permissions and delete records individually or in bulk. Follow the instructions below to manage your records efficiently and securely from Investment Dominator.

Setting User Permissions

Go to “Team” > “Edit” > “User Permissions”.
Set “Allow Delete Property” to “Yes”.
Save changes.

Deleting Records

Method 1: Individual Records

Go to the records listing page.
Click the “Can Icon” next to the record.
Confirm deletion.

Method 2: Bulk Deletion

Go to the records listing page.
Check boxes next to desired records.
Click “Actions” > “Delete Records”.
Confirm deletion.


Deleting records cannot be undone.
Check permissions if unable to delete.
Exercise caution to avoid data loss.

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