Data Service Update


Exciting News! Our latest System Update is here and it’s packed with amazing new features that are sure to supercharge your investment business. Due to popular requests, we’ve added a ton of new filter options for our Data Service so you can dial in your land lists even more. These new filters include:

  • 19 NEW Property Filters
  • 16 NEW Ownership Filters
  • 4 NEW Transaction Filters
  • 4 NEW Lien Filters

You can find these new filters under the ‘Advanced Filters (Optional)‘ section of the Get Deals/ Import wizards:

And as always the Land Profit Generator filters come preset and ready to go once you select the state and county that you wish to work just hit the ‘Next‘ button to load some leads!

Last but not least, we have an all-new ‘Map View‘ so that you can target specific areas on a map to get your leads from.

If you don’t yet have our Data Service add-on here are the instructions on how to upgrade your account today.

We hope these new tools will open up more opportunities for you and your investment business.

Here’s to your success!

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