How To Generate A Targeted LPG Land List with The Investment Dominator CRM

When it comes to building a targeted land list (list of prospective land sellers) you have a few options. While the source of all property data originates from each local County, various data providers (3rd party companies) specialize in cleaning up and indexing raw data into large, organized datasets to make this information more accessible to investors.

The Investment Dominator Data Service Advantage

There are a few popular data providers that allow you to access the data you need to create a land list, but the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate a land list is to simply use the fully integrated Investment Dominator Data Service to generate your land lists. Below are some options you have when choosing a data service provider and how they stack up with our fully integrated Investment Dominator Data Service:

Data ProviderEasy To Access/ ObtainAffordableData Processed and FormattedIntegrates With Investment Dominator CRM?
Directly From County    
Core Logic (and    
LightBoxRE (Land Vision)   
Investment Dominator Data Service (Recommended)

Our integrated Data Service allows you to access over 48 million land records in the United States.

NOTE: You need an active Investment Dominator PRO account to add the Data Service option.

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