Brand New Wizards Screen Update


We are excited to announce we have made an update to the Dashboard of the Investment Dominator. This new update will present our new wizards for easy access to perform operations within Investment Dominator.

The Introduction of these Wizards will enable you to have an even easier time working on different processes with the Investment Dominator.

In total, we have 7 new wizards screens (click each wizard name for more detail):

  1. Find Deals
  2. Send Letters
  3. Make Offers
  4. Research Deals
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Market
  7. Sell

These Wizards will allow you to simplify the Investment Dominator with step-by-step help to complete the 7 tasks listed above.

Too busy to finish one of the Wizards? Not to worry these wizards will save your progress as you proceed and you can come right back to where you left off.

Check this out now within your Dashboard!



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