2022-05-19 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

7:55 – Is it possible to use Custom Documents with the REI PRintmail Integration
13:00 – How to find future updates coming to the Investment Dominator
14:00 – How to only select a limited amount of records when importing with the Outside Data Service Integration
25:00 – How to properly find tagged records recently imported
27:00 – How to see Replays of past Live Q+A Sessions
30:00 – How to view the next steps resources within in the Investment Dominator User Guide
33:33 – How to bulk update existing records within the Investment Dominator
38:30 – How to understand the tagging feature and enable it
47:00 – How to do an Advanced search within the Investment Dominator and search for resources
52:22 – How to review past actions using the Activity Log
57:30 – Understanding how to add new users to your Team



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