2022-04-21 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

7:16 – When using the offer calculator for market value how do you generate offers
14:35 – New updates made to Go-daddy article setup domain
16:00 – Introduction to using Tags with the Investment Dominator
27:40 – Is there a limit to how many tags you can have on a record
29:50 – How to use the tag manager to help with deleting tags
32:40 – does removing a tag affect the record in any way
36:22 – How to use the search by feature to locate specific property records
46:20 – How to review past Live Q+A Sessions with ID
48:20 – How to skip trace records and import them back into the system
51:27 – How to get involved with Outside Data Service Integration
55:40 – what are the interested in properties listed within the marketing tab



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