2022-03-31 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

7:40 – Using the Outside Data Service Integration to import records into system
14:00 – How to prevent duplicate records from being imported from Outside Data Service
18:10 – How to remail to the same county done previously
25:22 – Can I use a list I got from another site and import this into ID
29:50 – Help with working on domain forwarding
34:50 – Is there a way to add a partner to the signature for letters
40:45 – How to use the Activity log in order to track REI Printmail Orders
41:57 – Why am I getting a message to merge records within the Investment Dominator
45:43 – What new updates were made to the Investment Dominator User Guide
48:00 – Introduction to the Investment Dominator Youtube Channel
51:00 – how to review past Investment Dominator Q+A Sessions
51:55 – How to see the next updates coming to Investment Dominator System updates
54:22 – New Video option to add to Property Listing



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