2022-03-10 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

6:57 – How do I get involved with a future maximizer, or masterclass in future
10:33 – How to find out about updates made the Investment Dominator
20:50 – How to review actions made within your account using the activity log
29:20 – How to review past imports within the Investment Dominator
31:00 – How to only choose specific records to generate for a campaign
36:25 – What are the requirements to send a mailing to an appropriate status
39:40 – What information is populating the letters we are sending for mailing
44:00 – What are the document download options for prospect neutral letter
48:16 – How to view the advanced options when bulk update records
49:30 – Going over document template settings
50:50 – Where to find more information on custom Letters templates within ID
52:50 – Can you describe the process involved with using REI Printmail Integration



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