2022-03-03 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

6:10 – Going over the Support options available when using the Investment Dominator
10:50 – Going over the Techsmith tool for Ticket Support
17:00 – when would you need to use TechSmith to record screen for an issue
18:40 – how to set offer and option amounts for open escrow record
21:20 – How to move records to file closed for owners that don’t want to be mailed back
22:33 – How to remail to the same county and update records
27:16 – Explaining how the Wizards are using the same functions already in ID
29:00 – Walking through the “Sell” Wizard
37:42 – How to add an image to the Listing Long Description for a property
43:40 – How to prevent duplicate records from our Outside Data Service
48:00 – New information regarding an error with Generating REI Printmail Order
50:40 – Going over Zapier and how to use the software Asana + Microsoft to do



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