2022-02-24 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

7:50 – Quick review for Monday users on how to go over information needed to start
9:20 – How to review content for one of our past Monday calls
10:30 – Going over Advanced Searches with Investment Dominator
12:30 – How to add more tag options for your my Land Deals section
14:00 – How to work with Tags and Investment Dominator
16:50 – Using tags and working with Advanced Searches
20:11 – How to review all of the tags created within the Investment Dominator
22:30 – After phone lines are set up what else is needed for Investment Dominator
25:00 – Can you go over what the option “Or Current Resident” within the send letters Wizard
27:30 – What apps can you pair Investment Dominator with on Zapier
39:00 – Due Diligence Wizard walkthrough
47:30 – How to find specific articles pertaining to each new Wizard
49:02 – Going over Outside Data Service Integration and REI Printmail Integration



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