2022-02-14 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:30
Signature/Profile – 8:00
Company Info – 10:30
Domains – 23:00

29:45 – Going over the referral Link with setting up Ring Central Services
33:40 – What are the main ways for support when using Investment Dominator
36:35 – How to choose REIPrintmail for mailing within ID
37:30 – what information is included on your prospect neutral letter mailing
38:45 – do you only need to use the default letters within ID
43:45 – How to sign up for our advanced Thursday session with ID
45:55 – How to report issues with Investment Dominator and view ticket history
48:45 – Going over the step by step process with Wizards



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