2022-01-13 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

6:30 – How to understand merging records with the Investment Dominator
13:53 – How to review articles to understand the Outside Data Service integration
15:30 – How to import records when using the Outside Data Service Integration
19:30 – How to review activity log for Data Tree details
21:34 – How to Exclude Previously imported Records from Saved Criteria
24:00 – Why does Outside Data Service Reject records from Investment Dominator
25:40 – Does the Investment Dominator allow you to import multiple CSV files at once
26:06 – How to Split up Land List when using Excel
28:30 – How to Create a new Status for prospect records which we don’t need at the moment
35:35 – Integrations and the Investment Dominator in using Zapier
36:40 – How to find Zapier User Guide Articles
38:54 – Overview of the REI Printmail Integration
40:00 – Generating an order with REI Printmail Integration and tips
48:00 – Going over the Actum Integration Automated Payment Processing
49:50 – How to review known issues with ID and Recent System Updates
53:00 – Going over more updates with the Investment Dominator
57:00 – How to download a custom theme option for your Buying Site



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