2021-12-09 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:20 – Dropdown menu selection update
6:30 – Going over the tasks feature with the Investment Dominator
8:20 – Where to find resources on how to use the Investment Dominator
12:30 – How to find the property address for a record and view map
15:30 – How to add Longitude and Lat to. CSV file within Investment Dominator
19:30 – How to generate documents and what is the correct way to
27:30 – How to generate an offer package with the Investment Dominator
32:00 – Going over The order of stages and statuses
35:00 – Going over the default Deal flow process
40:00 – How to add a logo to a buying/selling site
44:00 – How to add a custom logo to a neutral letter
54:00 – How to add a PS Line or Company notes to your letters



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