2021-12-06 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 5:23
Signature/Profile – 7:00
Company Info – 13:31
Domains – 28:14

39:00 – How to Join Land Profit Generator Live Virtual Session
40:30 – How to review Quickstart Guide after onboarding call
42:00 – How to make sure you are signed up for Monday and Thursday call
42:25 – How to review Past replays of Live Q+A Training calls
43:00 – What to do if you have issues with the Investment Dominator Technical
45:55 – Why do you need two separate domains when using Investment Dominator
50:30 – What information is going to be printed out on your neutral letters’
55:40 – Reviewing the information on Ring Central Setup Guide in Detail
58:00 – How to work with Cropping Feature in Signature image



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