2021-12-02 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:00 – New drop-down menu updates with the Investment Dominator
7:51 – Create a tracking link for a Marketing Campaign
12:47 – New update to the import section under Land
13:50 – Working with a Live Outside Data Service import Example
20:00 – How to find the records you imported from Outside Data Service
22:53 – How to prevent duplicate records when working with Outside Data Service
26:00 – How to verify if you got duplicate records from Outside Data Service
28:00 – How to review replays from the past Live Q+A Sessions
29:11 – learn more about tagging records with the Investment Dominator
34:00 – Using the Search by feature and Advanced Search with Land Section
39:50 – What are the Requirements for generating a blind offer Campaign
46:00 – Learning about expanding the default deal flow setup
49:12 – Can you explain the Outside Data Service Integration in detail
53:17 – How to Add additional pages to your buying/selling Site



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