2021-09-16 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:11 – New Custom theme option for Investment Dominator (Land Gen)
8:30 – How to see your Custom Webpages created within Investment Dominator
11:30 – How to add created web pages for buying site/ selling site
13:26 – How you can create your own custom theme for Investment Dominator
16:36 – How to go and hire a developer to work on a custom theme
19:45 – Going over Integrations with Investment Dominator
20:30 – Going over our Data tree Integration
26:40 – Going over our Actum ACH Automated Payment Processing Integration
28:00 – Going over REI Printmail Integration
36:14 – Getting an understanding about what Zapier is
41:55 – Zapier Connection with Google Sheets User Guide Article
51:30 – Merge updates in relation to REI Printmail Integration



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