2021-09-09 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

4:11 – How to generate a custom neutral letter and select it for mailing
6:18 – How to create a custom letter template for ITI Direct Mailing
12:00 – How to effectively use the Investment Dominator’s User Guide
15:00 – What to do after setting up the Investment Dominator
17:00 – Going over customization of the Selling Site
20:26 – How to create a Custom page for Selling website
29:50 – How to add Images to records on your Selling Website
34:50 – How to generate a logo for your selling site website and banner
40:50 – What happens when a user submits information on Optin Page
45:30 – Custom theme option for Selling Site and hiring a website designer
50:00 – Downloading a Custom theme
53:00 – How to change default text on Websites
55:00 – How to see recent and upcoming updates with the Investment Dominator



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