2021-09-02 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

3:40 – How to see System updates made within the Investment Dominator User guide
7:00 – All about REI Printmail Integration
16:45 – New updates to Import Land List and Pending Imports
21:15 – How to undo actions made within the
22:33 – Generating Documents and the options available
24:00 – How to download and create documents to make the format used for ITI Mailing
43:20 – How to report technical issues with the Investment Dominator
48:30 – How to download a sample list and working with imports resources
51:40 – How can we learn more information about optin page
53:00 – How to change selling site menu
55:00 – How to see records entered on our marketing site
57:12 – How to update a picture for a record on our listing page



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