2021-08-26 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

3:50 – How to find a template for a custom neutral letter and add a logo to it
9:20 – Hot to generate a campaign with a custom document
12:40 – How can you begin to get your LLC for company name
15:00 – how can you review imported records from our data tree integration
20:19 – How to add additional properties to one record to generate an offer
26:06 – Can you explain the marketing involved with our websites
30:57 – How can we customize our websites
35:14 – How to review email notifications from a record within ID
37:25 – How to view updates within the Investment Dominator
38:40 – ReI PrintMail integration with prospect Neutral Letters
47:10 – How to update records without them impact other records within ID
50:40 – How to use the tagging system
52:25 – Generating a campaign new screen for duplicate records
54:00 – Can you go over the data tree integration
56:00 – How to exclude previously imported records with data tree



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