2021-08-23 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –2:00
Signature/Profile – 5:32
Company Info – 10:50
Domains – 26:10

36:00 – How to Sign up for Live Q&A calls and view previously recorded sessions
37:00 – Can you go over the company email field and where this appears on letters
38:38 – Can you put personal cell phone for company phone
40:14 – Can you go over the domains and helpful tips
42:50 – How you can view recorded sessions of live Q&A calls
45:15 – Can you go over custom themes and how they are created for buying site
51:52 – Going over Pending Import section of the Investment Dominator
53:40 – Going over generating documents with new Campaign Section
54:25 – ReI PrintMail Integration with Investment Dominator



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