2021-08-19 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

If we cancel Service for Data Tree – Are the previously purchased leads safe since they are downloaded in ID?
If we have several names in data where spouses have different last names, do we create another column for the 2nd person’s first and last name to import into Investment Dominator?
If we receive a Market Value in our LEAD data, can we use this value as the actual Market Value to calculate our offers and NOT need to check any further?
What are the 12 states we know that are considered “NON-Disclosure” states?
Can we give an overview of the process of how we can load custom Neighbor Letters into ID and send to a mailing house?
Do we have a recording of this session to replay?
What is the difference between an Option Agreement vs a Contract Agreement?
What is the process of transporting the buyers list (email)
to Mailing?
Is there a way to send an Offer to the seller and get a confirmation that they received my offer?
How to use the “New Prospect” function in Investment Dominator?



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