2021-04-29 Live Training Call

2021-04-29 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • When is the next scheduled 2 ½ Day Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop – 4:05
  • How to access replays of the recorded Investment Dominator Webinars – 6:10
  • Is it necessary to create new columns in the CSV import file into Investment Dominator when multiple owners exist in county records – 8:05
  • When purchasing Domains from GoDaddy or Name Cheap these are just purchasing/reserving a Domain Name and not producing a Website – 11:40
  • How to process a subset of Prospect status records from a large group of records in Investment Dominator – 14:10
  • Which specific section of Land Records will Trust type records be processed in Investment Dominator – 22:05
  • Is it necessary to re-import previous county records if the initial data did not include 2nd Owners information – 23:55
  • How to use the Generate Documents section in the Investment Dominator  – 26:55
  • How to Bulk Update fields in the Investment Dominator – 29:05
  • What are the next steps for sending out mailing to ITI from the Investment Dominator – 33:10
  • Is it necessary to have a Business License when using D.B.A. in the company name field in Investment Dominator – 38:55
  • Is it necessary to have a Real Estate license to set up an LLC for land flipping – 40:55
  • Should the Market Value from lead data information be considered a real Market Value in Land Data – 43:25
  • Should phone line set up with Ring Central cost $47.00 – 47:25
  • What is the list of non-disclosure states in the US – 51:05



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