2021-04-22 Live Training Call

2021-04-22 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • When sellers respond to Neutral Letters can it be determined the ones who came through PAT Live vs the ones on the Buying Website in Investment Dominator – 4:25
  • How does Investment Dominator handle duplicate records using the merge function – 6:50
  • Will all information under the customize tab be on the Neutral Letters in the Investment Dominator – 9:25
  • Is it wise to specify “private” in the Company Information [Address] field  in Investment Dominator – 11:10
  • How can a seller completing the form on the Buying Website result in a duplicate record issue in Investment Dominator – 13:55
  • Is it necessary to create a [2nd Owner] column for 2nd   owner’s information when importing data into the Investment Dominator – 20:00
  • Does the order of valid fields being imported into the Investment Dominator matter – 22:30
  • Can a Gmail account be used for the Buying and Selling websites in the Investment Dominator – 24:25
  • Where is it best to alter a personal email address in the Investment Dominator – 26:15
  • How to import your company Logo for the outgoing Neutral Letters – 28:55
  • Can Tags be entered at the time of uploading lead data in a .CSV file into the Investment Dominator – 37:40
  • What is the recommended number of skip-traced records that should be accumulated before processing in Investment Dominator – 42:10



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