2021-04-08 Live Training Call

2021-04-08 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to connect and external Selling site to the Investment Dominator – 3:45
  • Why the menu items on the selling site are not showing in Investment Dominator – 7:35
  • In the Company Information section is the Offer Email the Buying Site Email in the Investment Dominator – 12:50
  • Are there any other account setup requirements other than websites and phone numbers in the Investment Dominator – 17:30
  • How can a Land Record disappear after being entered in Investment Dominator – 20:20
  • How to add the owner’s address in  the Land View display in the Investment Dominator – 27:20
  • If domains are pointed to the Investment Dominator server, does that mean email addresses cannot be setup by the domain providers – 30:20
  • What is the cost to outsource calls to a call center for people selling land – 33:25
  • How do we add an Administrator to an existing ID account – 36:35
  • How to change “the manager” text on a Blind Offer Letter in Investment Dominator – 39:10
  • How to use the date information in the [Transaction Information] Section of the Investment Dominator – 46:20
  • Can the current [Transaction Information] Section feed into the [Reports] section of the Investment Dominator – 52:00



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