2021-03-25 Live Training Call


On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to verify being signed up for the upcoming 2 ½ Day ID Maximizer Workshop – 4:00
  • How to order letters to be mailed out via a mailing house in Investment Dominator –  5:30
  • Do you send blind offers letters with the PAT Live answering service number with a separate script- 7:40
  • If there are 2 numbers for sellers (Company and Offer) are they local to where the land is being purchased – 12:55
  • Is it necessary to change the name-servers on GoDaddy.com – 15:15
  • How to change status of land records to “mailed letter 1” in Investment Dominator – 20:20
  • Can status of records still be changed even though several others have previously been changed in Investment Dominator – 23:40
  • What are the time schedules for the upcoming 2 ½ Day ID Maximizer Workshop – 25:20
  • How to resolve the issue of the Buying and Selling Websites sites being reversed in Investment Dominator – 27:25
  • How to resolve error messages displayed when selecting the [Generate SSL] function in Investment Dominator – 30:20
  • Are there any sessions on setting up Ring Central or Pat Live in Investment Dominator – 34:05
  • How to delete duplicate records in “Prospect” status in Investment Dominator – 36:55
  • Is it a simple process to setup a PAT Live account for use in Investment Dominator – 43:45
  • What if there is an existing GoDaddy Domain established for another business – 45:55
  • With an existing address for a Company in company information, is it permissible to put Ste. ### on the company address – 48:05
  • When answering our own neutral letters calls directly, is it possible to just have 1 phone for those who request an offer and 1 phone for those who are receiving offers – 50:05
  • What time do the Thursday Webinars actually start, is it 1:00 PM – 53:40



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