2021-03-11 Live Training Call

2021-03-11 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Can answers to webinar questions be provided using email correspondence – 2:55
  • Why does the Investment Dominator Welcome Screens occasionally display green boxes with numbers – 4:15
  • Is there a way to see the actual documents created/generated and sent within Investment Dominator – 8:55
  • Do the listings in the websites automatically update when the data in each of the Land Records is updated – 12:40
  • What is the tutorial for mailing out letters for ITI in the Investment Dominator CRM – 15:50
  • How to add a TAG to an entire mailing group in Investment Dominator – 20:45
  • How to produce mailing data for ITI, (Letterprinting.net) out of the Investment Dominator  – 27:50
  • How to get webinar questions answered if unable to attend a Thursday Webinar – 30:20
  • Is it necessary to focus on [All in process] or [Prospect] status records when sending records to ITI, (Letterprinting.net) for mailings – 34:15
  • How to avoid the message [Exceeding 10,000 records] using ReboGateway – 38:45
  • How does the ITI, (Letterprinting.net) process work in mailing out Neutral Letters – 44:05
  • After importing 1709 records into Investment Dominator, accessing mailing out to ITI there were only 1389 records showing, what happened here – 49:30
  • How to add tags to existing records in the Investment Dominator – 53:45



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