2021-03-04 Live Training Call

2021-03-04 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • If you decide at a later date to move from Ring Central to another VOIP provider can you move the telephone # – 3:30
  • Is there a tutorial for transferring domains for WPEngine and Name Cheap domain providers – 5:00
  • For a seller who wants $200k for their property with a Market Value $55k, should a regular contract or option contract be used – 6:00
  • When selecting company name, is it best to include the word “Land’ or a non-land-related name, e.g CJD Ventures, LLC – 9:25
  • Is there a problem importing 3095 records in Prospect status and outputting only 2559 names for ITI in Investment Dominator – 11:20
  • With Data Tree if all purchased data is NOT used in a month do the unused records get rolled over to the next month in Investment Dominator – 14:20
  • What are the other free sites to have land listed on for sale in LPG – 19:25
  • When purchasing data in Data Tree is each account automatically charged a monthly subscription – 25:50
  • How to access comps (Zillow, Trulia etc.) from within the Investment Dominator – 28:20
  • Is there a 3rd  Offer Letter resident in the Investment Dominator – 34:45
  • What exactly is PAT Live as it pertains to the land business – 37:05
  • What are the average costs for PAT Live’s various plans – 40:55
  • How to identify owners with multiple properties in the Investment Dominator – 43:20
  • Is there a script we can use for the voicemail response when recording it to our ring central number – 46:50
  • Will Pat Live log in and enter all the seller info into the Investment Dominator – 50:00
  • Do our various phone #s for Company Information need to be hosted in Investment Dominator – 52:40



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