2021-03-01 Live Training Call

2021-03-01 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 5:05
    • Signature/Profile                         – 6:10
    • Company Info                             – 10:55
    • Domains                                     – 24:50
  • How to immediately review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 39:00
  • Is the phone system required to be from Ring Central only or are there other phone systems available – 43:05
  • Can virtual phone numbers be used in Company Information phone setup – 46:00
  • Is it better to have a real signature vs a generated signature for a higher open rate – 46:55
  • Is the email address used in the neutral letter from Investment Dominator – 48:00
  • Can the Google Voice # be used for the company phone and then forwarded to PAT Live in company information – 48:40
  • Does the $37.00/month include the PAT Live answering service – 49:40
  • What if you have a Real Estate License; but are NOT active do we still need to disclose – 52:00
  • What to do if the Domain updated in GoDaddy displays the message [Your connection is not private] message – 53:15
  • If there are 3 separate PAT Live phone #s, couldn’t one be used for PAT Live, the second for PAT Live to answer offers and the 3rd for PAT Live to answer Selling Site calls – 58:40



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