2021-02-25 Live Training Call

2021-02-25 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How does the New Prospect script actually function in the Investment Dominator – 5:00
  • Once set up with Ring Central, how to handle neutral letter callers who press Ext-2 for service – 17:10
  • Is the New Offer Request script in the Investment Dominator – 23:50
  • How to override the existing default [P.S. Line from the Company Info] in Investment Dominator  – 26:35
  • Do we provide a Coupon Book for seller financing deals out of Investment Dominator – 29:30
  • Regarding Farm-Land when looking at Google Maps, are there both Circular Shapes and Line Shapes – 31:50
  • Is the Market Value field in Data Tree the actual market value to be used in parcel analysis – 37:15
  • Is the cursive writing the best form of writing for addressing envelopes – 42:45
  • How to find a solid Market Value for commercial land – 45:40
  • It is wise to use ITI, (Letter Printing) for sending out offers – 49:05
  • How to sign up for Data Tree in Investment Dominator – 53:20



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