2021-02-04 Live Training Call

2021-02-04 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What if there are still errors while generating the SSL Certificates in Investment Dominator – 3:25
  • How to handle domain providers, (such as GoDaddy) who automatically include security with a domain purchase – 9:20
  • Why does Investment Dominator now require SSN or TIN entry in Company Information – 11:30
  • Is it necessary to use the SSL Certificate generated in Investment Dominator to configure a website – 14:55
  • Processing an AgentPro-247 data list is it necessary to add columns for 2nd or 3rd Owners for importing into Investment Dominator  – 16:50
  • Is there a way to import directly from an existing list source, (i.e. Data Tree) directly into the Investment Dominator – 21:25
  • Is it feasible to have multiple Buying Sites connected to the Investment Dominator – 28:55
  • How to connect an Investment Dominator Buying Site directly with Mail Chimp – 33:40
  • What happens to entry of information directly into the [Contact Us] page on the Buying site in Investment Dominator – 36:30
  • How to import an address with Apt/Unit fields into the Investment Dominator – 41:15
  • Can we list fields beyond the 11 required fields required to successfully import data into the Investment Dominator – 44:15
  • How to locate the article [How To Find Your List For Land Investing] in Investment Dominator – 47:55
  • If a .CSV file has 11 required fields being sent to ITI, (Letteprinting.NET) why would we import additional data fields into Investment Dominator – 49:20
  • How to look up back tax information from County Sites on a property – 54:55



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