2021-01-28 Live Training Call

2020-01-28 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the cost of Notes Package in the  Investment Dominator  – 4:10
  • What are the most time consuming steps in the LPG process flow – 8:50
  • How to change the TEXT on the Buying or Selling site in the Investment Dominator – 12:30
  • How to check a Buying Site Domain in the Investment Dominator  – 18:30
  • What is the latest update on the Data Tree integration into the Investment Dominator – 22:35
  • What is the estimated cost of Data Tree records in Investment Dominator – 28:20
  • Why are we now asking for SSN or TIN in the company information section of Investment Dominator – 29:50
  • How does Investment Dominator store imported entries in the Land Records section – 33:40
  • Is it necessary to first create a TAG that will be imported into the Investment Dominator – 38:25
  • How to handle importing records that have been correct into the Investment Dominator – 44:20
  • Is there anyone to assist in mapping AgentPro247 data into the Investment Dominator – 48:45
  • How to use the Josaiah Stacey AgentPro247 Data Reformatting tool in Investment Dominator – 53:40



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