2021-01-14 Live Training Call

2021-01-14 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to fix a Time-Zone in the Investment Dominator so that the Notes date/time stamps show correctly – 3:45
  • How to upload a list of builders in the Marketing section of the Investment Dominator – 6:05
  • How to generate a built-in Neighbor Letter in Investment Dominator – 9:55
  • When using an REI-Conversion website is it necessary to have a Zapier plug-in on REI-Conversion to interface with Investment Dominator – 19:25
  • If Land Records are in [Pending Preliminary Research] status why doesn’t the Market Research function display in Investment Dominator – 24:50
  • How to change the order of property listings on the Selling Website in Investment Dominator – 33:30
  • How to change the Selling Site Listings layout in Investment Dominator – 38:00
  • With a county list of 5,000+ records can a VA make 3 separate files – a) Out of state, b) 2 hours away and c) local sellers – 40:50
  • Is there a way to record an exact date for mailing an Offer from within the Investment Dominator – 46:35
  • Should offers still be mailed to sellers who have specified they want Market Value for their property – 54:10
  • Does Investment Dominator track all properties SOLD in some type of report form – 57:55
  • Is there a [Deed Form] in the LPG for access – 1:00:15



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