2020-12-10 Live Training Call

2020-12-10 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Does paperwork get sent to a Title Company when title is transferred for a buyer – 4:15
  • How to properly format APNs for importing into the Investment Dominator – 6:40
  • What does APN stand for in the Land Business  – 16:30
  • Is the APN required to import successfully  in the Investment Dominator – 16:30
  • How to properly format ZIP Codes for importing into the Investment Dominator – 17:15
  • How to pull comparable(s) using  the Investment Dominator – 19:20
  • How to add additional properties for one owner  in Investment Dominator – 29:45
  • Is there any way to delete standard stages/status in Investment Dominator – 33:05
  • What should be expected when a potential seller or buyer enters information in the Investment Dominator – 37:45
  • Is it wise to combine 4 parcels into a single ad for marketing in the Investment Dominator – 47:30
  • How to add property description information to eliminate sending Exhibit-A with offers – 53:15



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