2020-12-03 Live Training Call

2020-12-03 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the update on the Data Tree Integration into Investment Dominator – 4:25
  • How does Data Tree compare to Prop Stream – 7:05
  • How to download an Excel file from Data Tree into Investment Dominator  – 10:10
  • How to add a Logo on a customized document in the Investment Dominator – 14:45
  • How to find taxes owed and back taxes from a county site  – 22:05
  • How to add seller financing deals in the Notes section in Investment Dominator – 28:45
  • How to send questions to the Batchskiptracing.com organization on their Website – 38:40
  • What is the recommended Skip Tracing service used in the LPG world – 44:05
  • Are there any classes or articles regarding how to set up notes in the Note Section of Investment Dominator – 49:25
  • Should the Company Name be displayed in Neutral Letter or only displayed on the Buying Website – 53:00
  • What is the proper way to merge duplicate records in Investment Dominator – 56:50



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