2020-10-22 Live Training Call

2020-10-22 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the issue with purchasing domains from providers other than GoDaddy for site configurations – 2:45
  • How to handle sellers who want to provide a Quit Claim deed as opposed to a Warranty Deed – 6:55
  • At what point should we cease mailing to a specific county based on Offer Requests responses – 12:05
  • How to handle sellers with land zoned for Conservation  – 19:30
  • What are the expectations for Blind Offer response percentages – 21:05
  • Is land zoned for Conservation more difficult to sell  – 25:30
  • How to handle a list imported with multiple addresses, (Address-1/Address-2) on file – 27:00



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